What are the features of ETS environmental shock testing?

Explosion-proof, Environmental Protection and Energy Saving
ETS environmental shock testing is a full automatic pneumatic shock test system which has a high performance and advanced technology internationally. It uses pilot-style high frequency and high speed cylinder as its lifting drive.
High Collision Frequency, Large energy and Free of Foundation
ETS vibration shock test machine can do shock test and it also has high performance vibration function. The maximum bump frequency can be up to 100 times per minute. The switching of shock and bump functions are all controlled by computer software.
Large Shock Energy
ETS shock test machine uses pilot-style high frequency and high speed cylinder which can reach to 200G acceleration above and the waveform distortion is small.
International Leading Products
We have searched for all products in all professional shock test machine manufacturers worldwide but failed to find a single similar product that embodies all the features mentioned above. Therefore, ETS is in the leading place in the advance technology, multiple functions, reliable quality etc. areas.