VSRS Series Pneumatic Shock Response Spectrum Test Machine


ETS can provide you the advanced vertical SRS testing to realize the SRS requirements while the direction is vertical. SRS shock testing system is  widely used in aviation, aerospace, vessel, military, defense and automobile industries.


  • The vertical shock response spectrum assumes that the shock pulse is applied as a common base input to an array of independent single-degree-of-freedom systems. The shock response spectrum gives the peak response of each system with respect to the natural frequency.
  • Vertical SRS testing can be combined with Horizontal SRS testing to give complete analyzation. It has high precision, easy operation, real-time analysis, Windows application software and low maintenance.
  • High performance for VSRS which has large table size up to 1200mm and the maximum specimen weight can be 400kg or heavier. ETS also provide tailor solutions to meet different testing requirements.

VARS series shock test machine specifications:

VSRS shock machine specifications