Technical Capacity

picturesCore technology

* Strong impact force, high frequency, high-velocity air valve & cylinder, related control technology
* Synchronous control technology for double cylinder, four cylinder etc.
* Repeatability control technology of air valve and cylinder


piaget_imageCustomization capability of non-standard products

According to our core pneumatic control technology, we have the capability of technology development and customization for the below test equipments below:

* Vertical, horizontal high-magnitude shock test equipment
* High-frequency collision test equipment
* Huge equipment for load shock response spectrum test
* High-magnitude shock response spectrum test equipment
* Bidirectional shock and collision test equipment
* Other test equipments require requiring high-velocity or high-frequency test


We would hopeare honored if you can join us to develop and expand the application fields of the core technology, for the mutual benefits, and sincerely hope you can share your precious using users experience with us as well. If you have some ideas, please click here to let us know, we are very glad to hear from you.