Safety measures when using shock test machine

In order to ensure the operating reliability, you need to provide a safe operating environment. Besides, you also need to do correct parameter settings to the system and the operators should have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the operating system.
A thorough understanding of the operation and performance of the system can help operators use the equipment better. In addition to the points below, operators and maintenance personnel should get familiar with some other relevant information.

Equipment Safety Measures Checklist:
1. Check whether there is leakage of gas or oil in gas hoses, oil hoses and every connection points regularly;
2. Make sure that all gas hoses, oil hoses and cables are all connected safely and there is no unfixed gas hose, oil hose and cable;
3. Check whether there is wear and tear in all gas hoses, oil hoses and cables;
4. Check whether there are bending and breaking points in all gas hoses, oil hoses and cables;
5. Check all mounting bolts to make sure that they are not loose after vibration;
6. Check whether the specimen and acceleration sensor have been installed firmly;
7. Put the tools and any other unrelated items outside the test area;
8. Make sure that all control boxes and measuring instruments are live;
9. All the people in the test area should be cleared before stating the test.