HSRS Series shock test machine will be exposed on “NEPCON Vietnam 2016”

ETS Solutions will bring HSRS Series shock test system to “NEPCON Vietnam 2016” which is a international exhibition. This kind of horizontal SRS test machine has infinitely adjustable shock energy and high reliability. It only needs small space and it is easy to install. Besides, HSRS Series shock and collision test machine has pneumatic incentive mechanism and electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism.
2016  VietnamHSRS-Series-Pneumatic-shock-response-spectrum-test-machine-3
The shock response spectrum assumes that the shock pulse is applied as a common base input to an array of independent single-degree-of-fredom systems. The shock response spectrum gives the peak response of each system with respect to the natural frequency. Damping is typically fixed at a constant value, such as 5%, which is equivalent to an amplification factor of Q=10. ETS has a range of capabilities with regard to shock testing. Using a choice of vertical-drop shock test machines or electromagnetic shakers, a variety of shock profiles, pulse duration and shock levels can also be achieved.