How to find a suitable shock test machine?

As there are various types of shock test machines, you had better choose the one that suits you best. Below I will introduce some commonly used types.

Bevel shock test machine

This kind of machine is used to do bevel tests. If you want to find out whether a product can withstand the shocks during transportation, I suggest you choose this kind of machine.

Pneumatic collision test machine

This is a high-performance shock test machine and the maximum free-fall height can be up to 260 mm. Besides, the table size, pulse width and some other specifications can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.

Pneumatic horizontal shock test equipment

HSRS Series Pneumatic shock response spectrum test machine-1
If the direction of your specimen can not be changed easily during the test, you can consider choosing this kind of machine. You just need to change the direction of the machine to get desired testing data.