How should I maintain ETS vibration shock test machine?

Maintenance for this machine includes the machine surface cleaning, guide columns cleaning and lubricating, the tightness of bolts check, brake oil volume check etc.

Clean the Surface of the Machine
Pay attention to cleaning the surface of the machine. Instead of using something like gasoline or diluent, a soft and dry cloth is suitable for cleaning the machine, especially the table. Ensure the shock machine is clean and not damaged in case of the influences on the test index.

Clean and Lubricate the Guide Columns
It is extremely important that the guide rods to be kept clean and lubricated. Failure to attain maximum impulse shocks can usually be attributed to dirty guide rods. Ordinary engine oil can be used as lubricant.

Check the Tightness of Bolts
Check the tightness of bolts around the table at lease once a week. Check whether the bolts are loose before every test, if loose, tighten them immediately.

Check brake oil volume
Check whether the brake oil volume is enough every six months (the oil should not be less than half of the cup). If the oil is not enough, add the oil in time.