Help you know better about HAS series shock machine test system

HAS series is a kind of pneumatic horizontal shock and bump test system. This test system is designed to simulate the real impact and damage that may be occurred to the products by using horizontal shock testing method in the test room. This kind of test system is especially suitable for the products whose direction can not be changed when doing the shock test (when the shock force direction changes by 90°, the shock force direction is vertical).
HAS series test system includes one foundation, one shock table, a set of tensile shock test device, a pair of guide posts, one brake system as well as shock wave generating device and corresponding control measuring instrument. When do the test, fix the specimen on the table first, set the lifting pressure, front impact pressure and lifting length and then raise the shock table to the set position.

The shock table which is driven by the front impact pressure will impact to the waveform generator on the base and rebound from the base to complete a whole process of shock.