Factory Visit during 2018 International Sales Meeting

From 15th-17th January, our international sales meeting for products technology and marketing communication was successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu. And on the third day many overseas agents with interests visited our shock machine factory.















We made many impact &bump tests with different frequency and acceleration on site.















Pneumatic horizontal shock testing attracted many customers to take pictures and videos.

Our agents observed the whole testing process and brought up many technical questions aboout the structure details, test curve, data save and so on.

Our domestic technical team and sales group accompanied with customers throughout the visit, showed the vertical and horizontal impact& bump tests. That was a heated discussion between our engineers with foreign experts about the technical improvement and new products design of our machines.

We will prepare more such exchanges in the future, because we all believe that such communication will help to improve the core competitiveness of products, more effectively and directly to solve the problems our customers encountered before.