About US


ETS shock factory was founded in 2006, which is dedicated in the development & production of testing machines for shock, collision, drop etc, in the field of mechanical environment.

In 2010, the R&D of shock, collision and drop test machines were finished and the products were launched to the market successfully in 2011. In 2012, Pneumatic shock response spectrum horizontal impact test machine was developed. No matter the shock response spectrum of acceleration, energy spectrum or the shock response spectrum overall accuracy are all better than traditional pendulum shock response spectrum testing machine.


The pneumatic drop test machine is easy to maintain and with high reliability. Such kind of shock test machine is widely used in the manufacturing process and some related impact tests during the production of military industry, aerospace, electronics, shipbuilding industry, instrumentation industry, nuclear industry, automotive industry, packaging industry, transportation and some other industries. The pneumatic drop test machine can completely meet the requirements and regulations in most standards, like IEC,MIL,GB,GJB etc.

Not only do we offer the high quality environmental testing machines, we also provide ongoing support designed to keep you up and running long after the initial sale. We provide factory direct local service with extensive inventory of the parts you might need.

If you want to know more about ETS shock test machines, you can contact us. We are very pleased to hear from you.